Treat Your Taste Buds With Our Authentic Mexican Food

Mouthwatering Mexican Food Menu

Bored of eating bland food? Try authentic Mexican food at Restaurante La Taberna. From tortillas to fresh made guacamole, treat your taste buds with real Mexican food. We use fresh ingredients to make our food tasty.
Our Menu for Lunch and Dinner
Mexican food

Convenient Catering Services Available

Having trouble in preparing for the big event? Don't worry. You can call Restaurante La Taberna for convenient catering services. Rely on our highly experienced chefs to come up with great dishes. Call us at 772-492-3251 today!
Our Catering Menu

Amazing Food and Beverage Specials

Visit us for exciting offers at our restaurant. Get drafts for just $1 on Wednesday and Thursday. For weekends, pay $2 to enjoy them. We also have Happy Hour Specials for you. Drop by today!
More About Our Specials
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